Capital Market Advisory Services in INDIA

The Companies, in order to smoothen its functioning need funds on regular basis. To raise the amount required the Companies generally had two options namely:

  • Issue of capital.
  • Issue of borrowed funds.
  • Restructuring of Securities


We provide you the Professional Advisory services in raising Capital through both the ways by following methods:

  • Issue of Equity shares as Initial Public Offering (IPO)/ Further Public Offering (FPO).
  • Issue of Right shares.
  • Issue of Bonus Shares.
  • Preferential allotment of Equity Shares.
  • Issue of Sweat Equity Shares (ESOS/ESPS).
  • Issue of Convertible / Non convertible Debentures & Bonds.
  • Private Equity Placements.
  • Joint Venture/ Financial Collaboration.
  • Financial Restructuring of Securities.
  • Listing of Securities.
  • Delisting of Securities.
  • Takeover Code Compliances.
  • Stock Exchange / SEBI Regular Compliances.
  • Project Appraisal Management.

We provide you Professional Services which include:

  • Preparation of Proposal,
  • Preparation of various documents,
  • Taking approval from various Authorities,
  • Filling of necessary returns & documents.

SME's Project Management

"Small is the next big thing, Glow & Rise with BSE-SME IPO"

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), particularly in developing countries, are the backbone of the nation's economy. They constitute the bulk of the industrial base and also contribute significantly to their exports as well as to their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) or Gross National Product (GNP). Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) contributes 8% of the country's GDP, 45% of the manufactured output and 40% of our exports. It provides employment to about 6 cr. people through 2.6 cr. enterprises. The Micro Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) sector forms the largest generator of employment in the Indian economy. It forms a major portion of the industrial activity.

It is essential to have complete picture of the whole project before the commencement thereof, which is done by us in a decent manner. We provide a concept oriented approach to the SMEs.

  • Project conceptualization advisory services.
  • Project Implementation – Government sanction & statutory approvals advisory services.
  • Project Fund sourcing advisory services:
    Financial Institutions / Banks – Fund based viz. Term Loan / Equipment Finance / Working Capital & Non Fund based credit limits advisory services Venture Capital / Private Equity placement advisory services. IPO through BSE SME Stock Exchange advisory services.
  • Post-Issue compliance advisory services.