About Our History

ASN ASSOCIATES a dynamic and progressive Partnership Firm of Company Secretaries with Local insight and a Global vision has been rendering Professional Services to the Individuals, Corporate Bodies, Educational Institutions, Trusts and Societies in the areas of Corporate Law Consultancy, Legal and Compliance Practices.

Having Professional Outlook and being enthusiastic towards Professional Practices opted for a Whole-time-Practitioner as an Individual w.e.f. 30.09.1995 and subsequently, the diligent performance made Sri Adigarla Satyanarayana to convert into Proprietary Concern in the name and style of ASN ASSOCIATES. Now, it has been continuing as a Partnership Firm to render services through mix of extensive experience and fresh outlook achieved by the Partners, Associates, Well Experienced Senior Staff with more than 12 years, Trainees from time to time combine, the Firm gets a continued professional in the Corporate Sector.

ASN ASSOCIATES endeavors to maintain and widen its client base by continuously adhering to the highest professional standards in the field of Corporate Law & Practices. This spirit is all pervasive at the Firm where the very aim is to provide quality and time bound services to clients. We have Clients in the State of Telangana, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Delhi, Orissa, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu apart from Andhra Pradesh.



Corporate Excellence can be achieved in every field by giving proper Direction, Dedication, Determination, Discipline and completion of all Deadlines. Commitment is a sign of maturity.


We insist on compliance with the law of the land, in both letter and spirit. We believe in compliance. We encourage compliance as a means of doing business burden free.


We are adaptable and approachable. We believe in the power of teamwork. We have the desire to drive new experiences and challenges. We put the interests of our clients on the forefront.